TECNODENTAL 2000 provides a drawing and CAD design service for dental prostheses, using a scanner with DentalCAD software.

Colleagues who do not have scanners can also take advantage of our service, simply by providing us with any work design in the form of reduced or anatomical wax-up, or as an alternative simply delegating all the design work to us.

CAD / CAM IN COMO Roland 5 axis continuous drilling machines  
Fresatore Roland a 5 assi in continuo

We manufacture prosthetic devices in Zirconium, Wax and all thermoplastic materials, including PMMA, Polyurethane, Composite Glass Fiber, PEEK, etc.

Upon request, all phases of the digital project, all the way up to the realization of the same.

For our clients equipped with digital scanning systems, we accept files in STL format.


You can send the project files in STL format to or by using and quickly by filling in the  order form (below).

If you are a new customer please contact us at +39031306277 before sending the files.


Do you want to entrust all phases of the job to us (cad design and production for drilling)?

Below you will find all the necessary information, including model requirements and any wax-up programming. We will arrange the shipment with pick up at your home.


For the cemented prosthesis, the master model must be separable from the articulator.

The molds must be removable, and as free as possible from any chipping or bubbles. Any imperfections must be pre-waxed in wax.

Do not use any type of lacquer. Models treated with reflective materials requires the use of scanning spray

The contour of the edge of the preparation should not be too pronounced to avoid creating shadow areas during the scan.

The antagonist model must be separable from the articulator.

The models for prosthetic implants should include removable silicone gum so to ensure that the board is similarly also completely free of plaster.

The teeth adjacent to the implants must be removable from the model so as not to interfere with the scanning of the markers.

Any wax or wax-up in wax or resin should be as true as possible to the original in appearance, and accurately mounted on stumps or replicas of fixtures.


  1. Carefully pack the shipment by positioning the templates, articulator or ceck-bite (when provided) and any wax-ups in such a way as to protect them from bumps.
  2. Complete the job order form
  3. Call us at 031306277 by 12.00, to find out about your shipment.
  4. We will make a booking for the same day at your home. If you prefer to use your own trusted courier, the shipping address is: TECNODENTAL 2000 - Via Pannilani, 6 - 22100 COMO

Contact us for information about the processing times.

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